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The newest edition to the Bonny Doon Forest Temple, The Hideaway is a place birthed completely from my heart space & intuition. I have deep reverence for the land and animals that live in this forest, as well as those who stewarded this mountain long before we arrived. The Awaswas people, also known as Santa Cruz people, are one of the divisions of the Ohlone Native Americans of Northern California. I am honored to share this land in reverence of their traditions. It was truly a dream to design & create this little hermitage in the forest. I wanted the space to feel rustic and immersed in nature, yet luxurious. Not fancy, but with a slight Japanese Onsen touch - while still honoring that California coastal ethos. The final ingredient? A sprinkle of fairy dust, of course.

To learn more about The Hideaway & Bonny Doon Forest Temple, or to request an invitation to stay, click here . . .

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